Why a Pre-Listing Inspection is a Must


Why a PreListing Inspection is Necessary

A prelisting inspection is an evaluation of a home conducted by a professional home inspector before the home is put on the market. The inspection report can be used as a marketing tool to help the home stand out from the competition.

A prelisting inspection can also help to identify any potential problems with the home that can be addressed before putting the home on the market. Some sellers may be reluctant to have a prelisting inspection because they are worried that it will reveal problems with the home that will need to be fixed.

However, a prelisting inspection can actually save the seller money in the long run by identifying problems early on. Fixing problems before putting the home on the market can help to avoid costly repairs that may be required if the problems are discovered after the home is already under contract.

A prelisting inspection can also help to speed up the selling process by helping to avoid potential delays that can occur when problems are discovered during the buyer‘s inspection.

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