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Radon Testing in Veradale

Veradale Radon Testing

What to Know About Radon Gas?

Radon is a common carcinogen. It is known to instigate lung cancer in humans.

Many homes in the Veradale area have a radon concentration at or above the actionable level.

Radon naturally occurs in the silt, not the structure. No home, newly built or longstanding, is immune to radon infiltration.

Each and every property meshes with the soil beneath it in a different way. That is why houses adjoining others often have dramatically different radon gas concentration.

Radon gas concentration will change every day and monthly within a safe range. A one-time radon test is a snapshot and a accurate indicator of if the property has a radon gas issue.

Radon has a dangerous duration of about half of a week. radon accumulation won’t be higher if the home is closed for months or years.

How Does Radon Gas Enter a house?

No house is absolutely air tight.

Gaseous contaminants will infiltrate through every ground-facing gap in the house such as drainage, plumbing, and minor flaws in the concrete slab or foundation.

The method to know with certainty the concentration of radon in the dwelling is to have a radon test.

Your Radon Gas Testing Procedure

Testing a home for radon gas is a unique procedure when offered a real estate transaction.

Your radon gas professional will situate the radon analyzers in the dwelling. Radon gas detectors will be situated in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching earth. It is typical that between one and three monitors are located in the home for the radon gas testing.

Your radon gas technician will close every window and door, shut the damper on the chimney, and confirm the HVAC system is functioning in the required manner. Your radon technician will additionally mark any necessary window with tamper indication tape to make sure that closed home standards are met.

The radon gas monitors remain in the home for two or three days to analyze the levels of radon gas in the building. A Veradale home inspection expert will come back to the home after the radon testing is done to return the monitors and write a report.

Give us a call today for a no-cost pricing estimate! Our radon testing experts will come to visit to hear about your property, measure your space, and get you started on making your Veradale property one you can take pride in!

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